DP Winch History

Don Pruitt and two of his colleagues didn’t have much when they got started.  It is said that Mr. Pruitt trusted his product so much, that he travelled on a dime to Texas, where he slept in a camper and ate bologna and bread for his meals while marketing his wares.  There he sold his first product, and when he got home he and his partners took second mortgages on their homes to build this new company.

In 1970, DP Manufacturing was born, with humble beginnings by renting one bay in the old Armory building in Haskell, Oklahoma.   DP would stand for “Diversified Products.”  DP’s main products at that time were guardrail straightening and post driving machines.  In 1975, DP Manufacturing built their first winches, and obtained a government contract to build winches for the military.

Exponential growth required a move to a larger facility, and in 1977 DP Manufacturing moved to a new facility in Eufaula, Oklahoma.  In 1985, DP’s sales, engineering, and accounting departments were expanded into a location in Tulsa, Oklahoma, further broadening their manufacturing capabilities.

Due to the success of the Defense Industry winches, the DP Winch brand was initiated, creating a new era of commercial business to complement the existing government contracts.

With almost 30 years of successful growth and development, the company was appealing as an addition to a culmination of extraordinary brands that make up Tulsa Winch Group, or TWG.  DP Winch was acquired by TWI in 1999, and continued the legacy of outstanding support as the Defense Industry’s number one supplier and logistical supporter of hydraulic winches for use on Army, Navy, and Marine vehicles.  They have since fielded more than 40,000 winches on government vehicles used in field operations around the world.

Don Pruitt exemplified what it means to create an American company, from the ground up, and further validates the quality of his winches with support to our American troops. 

Today the DP Winch brand manufactures a complete line of planetary winches, capstans, and bumper packages for major OEMs and the 

Defense Industry.  Additionally, the DP Winches brand can be found working on utility trucks, towing and recovery vehicles, trailers and numerous government vehicles used in defense operations around the world.